Statistical Methods

We work hard to improve measurement and quantitative research in policing, especially on the difficult problem of quantifying racial bias. The field of policing research is in need of rigorous statistical analysis: traditional research methods struggle to disentangle correlation from causation and often ignore well-known issues like selection bias. Sparse data has led to scattershot analytic approaches across multiple disciplines, making it difficult to reconcile seemingly conflicting results. We work to systematize policing research using modern statistical frameworks and techniques so the field can advance.

Policy Evaluation

We evaluate policy interventions to see how they affect policing outcomes.

Public Opinion and Public Education

We engage in research on how the mass public perceives policing and crime, as well as in public-facing education so academics and the general public understand the issues involved and have the best information available. This includes setting the academic and public record straight in instances of flawed research and misinformation.