who we are

RoPRA was formally established in July 2020, building on existing collaborations between researchers from several academic institutions and disciplines united by a common interest in advancing the state of quantitative, evidence-based research on policing reform and accountability.

We develop cutting-edge statistical techniques to measure racial bias in policing, evaluate policing policy reforms, and improve the performance of policing organizations.

We also support and participate in efforts exploring alternatives to policing and mapping the contours of our societal investment in the policing industry.

Our goal is to provide methodological contributions for scholars and practitioners interested in conducting principled research related to policing, to provide actionable insights for police leaders and policymakers, and to contribute to efforts aimed at increasing safety and equity and reducing violence in our society.

Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional team of social scientists studying the
feasibility and efficacy of policing reform, with a focus on statistically rigorous research
and practical applications.
Dean Knox
RoPRA Co-Founder & Assistant Professor, Operations, Information and Decisions, University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Mummolo
RoPRA Co-Founder & Assistant Professor, Politics and Public Affairs, Princeton University
Rachel Mariman
RoPRA Director & Senior Research Project Manager, Analytics at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Jacob Kaplan
RoPRA Chief Data Scientist & Professional Specialist, School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
Bocar Ba
Assistant Professor, Economics, Duke University
Nayoung Rim
Assistant Professor, Economics, United States Naval Academy
Olga Russakovsky
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Princeton University
Brandon Stewart
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Princeton University
Haosen Ge
Data Scientist, Analytics at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Adam Wolsky
Senior Research Specialist, Sociology, Princeton University
Arantxa Rodriguez-Uribe
PhD Candidate, Politics, Princeton University
Jihoon Chung
PhD Candidate, Computer Science, Princeton University
Greg Lanzalotto
Greg Lanzalotto
PhD Candidate, Operations, Information and Decisions, University of Pennsylvania